Where are the inflatable tent used?

In 1, the wedding banquet in use

Many young people in the outdoor wedding, like the use of the wedding tent to complete their wedding, not only romantic, but also save money, but also unique. Inside the tent can provide hundreds of dining, mobility, functional improvement, is the first choice for the outdoor contractors wedding.

2, in the outdoor tourism use outdoor travel, will inevitably sleeping in the wild, in order to ensure the safety of our people, camping inflatable tent becomes we travel abroad will be lack of outdoor equipment, high tensile strength, good air tightness, light weight, easy to carry, at the same time to meet the comfortable and practical requirements.

3, the use of commodity exhibition

Applies to shopping malls outside the building, exhibition of a wide variety of products, so that the exhibition has a compelling fashion elements and space.

4, the use of medical aid

Can be in the first scene of the rescue and relief, the rapid construction of temporary relief places and hospitals, emergency treatment to the injured people, the implementation of the rescue and relief, the first time to the injured heart comfort.

5, in the use of fire and rescue

In the fire rescue and fire mercilessly destroyed our homes, then our fire officers and soldiers will lost family friend transfer to the inflatable tent, let them temporarily have a foothold in the home.

6, the use of military outdoor exercises

Military exercise, in the military command, military camp, shielding tent camping are used inflatable tent as the main camp. The military command of the people’s livelihood in the sea of the people’s livelihood is based on the actual needs of military operations design.

inflatable tent

In addition to the above, the inflatable tent in our life there are many uses, such as: disaster relief and flood control


Construction of the field construction operation inflatable tent,

Combination of medical aid for field hospitals,

As temporary club,

Outdoor inflatable tents, and other places where people need to be built.

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